Does it sound like he loves me or has cheated on me?

My bf and i have been dating for 10 months and live together. He was the one that asked me to move in 8 months ago. We have our ups and downs and fight more then other couples dating for this long I'm sure because I have trust issues and I'm insecure. Sometimes I think he doesn't really wanna be with me or cheating on me. Here are the reasons.
1.he can be a jerk when we are out in public like ignore me or not really pay much attention to me
2.He checks out other girls but says I just think it Cuz I don't trust him. (it's not an obvious check out but if i see a girl walk by i will sometimes look at him)
3. He says he wants to get married and have a kid with me.someday. he finishes inside of me and says we will get married within 5 years. But sometimes I don't know if i should believe that by the way he treats me somedays
4. Couple weeks ago he was all loving and even during sex he would ask what position I liked better and he's never asked before. So kinda made me think he was cheating. Then would say I love u more then normal and just being really sweet then the next weeks he was kinda being a jerk again
5. He has talked shit to his friends before say in i smell. Which if i did that bad I don't know why he would stay with me.
6. He has told me I suck in bed and I asked why is he with me then and he said because he loves me and it isn't just all about sex.
7. I've mentioned taking a break before Cuz I get sick of how he is sometimes but he always tells me he doesn't want too and he has even mentioned we go to counseling to help our relationship.
8. He can be a flirt when he's drinking which I hate
9. Everytime I try n talk to him about our relationship he never likes to talk about it prob Cuz I bring it up almost every night. Only Cuz we never have a good talk about it. And he will just tell me to grow up and start trusting him.
Like I said I have trust issues and have been hurt in the past that's why I think like this.

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  • personally i don't think he might be cheating..but just stay careful

  • he's a dick and no one should get treated that way, move out and find some one else im sure you will you do not deserve that treatment, he is down right mean, he probably does love you but he's still a jerk