I think he slipped and called me her pet name. What does this mean and what should I do? (see below)?

Him: HI sweets hope u good &enjoying UR vacay 11:46 PM (I told him I was on vacay last Tuesday or whenever it was, for 4 hours, and he just now says something about THAT? I mean we've talked since then, too.)
Him: Hi sweet g just one of the cooks called out and I had to stay longer anyway hope u still happy and healthy 12:01 AM (who is sweet G? G is a few keystrokes away from K. And who asked anything about cooks? These 2 messages were back to back, as if he didn't even write the 1st one! but my health has been poor, so it did seem like the content was for me, at the end at least).
Me: I got the 1st message darling. who is G? lol. I'm confused on this message, bc my vacay was long over - I sent you that message last Tuesday. Thanks anyway. I'm great. 12:03 AM (He does this all the time, texts days to a week later response like he JUST got the message!).
Me: and I'm just working hard as I usually am, and you? 12:05 AM
HIM: G is u and after last time I saw u I just want u to be healthy wow time goes fast back to work and that why? I'm really busy it talk all good. 12:11 AM
Me: No, remind me what sweet G is. I'm K*. Yes I'm okay, but I haven't had surgery yet tho. I don't get the last part u wrote, but it's ok. I guess ur sayin u busy. 12:46 AM
HIM: G stands for God and I hope his wit u when UR surgery is due. Yes I v been busy 12:54 AM (And that's "all she wrote" I sent him 2-3 more texts, then he didn't respond that night and got up with me later claiming he fell asleep.)

What would make a guy answer your text THAT late and sound like he just got it. I mean even if he's been with his "main chick" (my guess), he's got to at least have bathroom/alone breaks SOMETIMES, right? Where he can read/respond to his text messages. , Also went to his house. He now is clean shaven, hair cut, his bathroom is clean w/pretty new decorations on the wall, etc. And his roommate has started acting weirder around me. We used to all hang.

so what should I say to him now? Something really wise but mature 4 next time he texts? I mean how can I handle this. I feel like I Have already fallen for him, and he gets so sweet and so attentive at times it had made it really hard in the past


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  • Yes the roomie was the closer for me = afraid he'll spill the beans and forever have hell to pay with his wanton rommie when you find out (whatever) & kill him
    This guy is not very smart & very distracted by work/G (not God)


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  • "G stands for God"
    Very original and Epic meaning of G.hhaha
    Smell fishy, don't trust him.


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  • Since he is unable to correctly punctuate, spell or use grammar I am not surprised there is confusion here...

    • Yeah, English IS his second language, but still he can do better. His primary language is BULL sh*! lol. He is fluent in it.

    • haha! Yeah, I thought it sounded a little disjointed. I think he was probably just misspelling Sweetie (my phone types some random crap sometimes!), also, the replying thing - I do that, just pick up the conversation from the last text despite it being a week old so I wouldn't worry too much about that...He may have covered up the typo because he's silly and didn't want to appear to have just typed something wrong, my other half is so terrible at sending cohesive texts that I get seriously confused and just don't reply to him. If he really is full of crap though, just ditch him.

  • Yeah something shady is going on.

  • Seems like he's busy with another chick and you are an afterthought and backup. I'd move on and don't worry about him. Too many fish in the sea for that.

    • Yeah, that's what I suspect too and been there done that too, should've known better. :( Thank you!

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    • Good for you, you deserve so much better and I keep reminding myself I do, too!

    • You definitely do. Nobody deserves less than they put into a relationship.

  • my first assumption was that he misspelled sweety. just saying "sweet (insert name here)" sounds sorta awkward to me. his explanation for what the g meant is equally awkward. replacing god with the g doesn't fit in that sentence at all so i have no idea. maybe he misspelled sweety and it autocorrected into sweet g? but then he would have to be typing "sweet g" quite often, which makes it more mysterious.

    where was he supposed to be? is he's on a business trip or something that you know about?

    • No business trip, but he works 50-60 hours a week in a top/management position. That's true/a good explanation about sweety and I would have went for that, but him saying what he did makes it clear it's BS and I know he used to call me sweet K, so it makes sense that he has another girl whose name starts w/G. I think he knew he was talking to me, but he just forgot my initial. Then again, i never asked about cooks or him explaining why he was late getting home! He must be a busy, busy man.

  • Cool story gal!

    • Thank you!

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    • Same thing I thought. the G didn't add up and that was sorry/shitty line! He always uses God to get himself out of stuff, or tries to. The first time I didn't want to have sex w/him he said he was making the move b/c God told him it was the right thing to do! SMH. I should have ran for the hills right then! French men have a way, tho.

    • Lmao hilarious. Run girl, run from him if he's going to use God as an excuse

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