I've gone out with a girl a couple times. She said she had a great time with me each time, but I've asked her out twice since and she has said no?

This girl and I have had a lot of conversations about relationships and she said she thinks kisses are a big deal. She has kissed me several times but ever since our second time together she has said no each time I've asked her to do something with me. Granted the second time was very short notice and on her only day off of the week so she said she had plans. She used to text me quite a bit but now doesn't as much. She still always responds when I text her with more than one line responses. Should I keep trying or is she trying to give me a hint? She has been very upfront with me to this point. After we first went out she confessed that she had been seeing someone but they were taking a break. She felt like she should tell me since she didn't expect to be making out with me after going out with me, but she was having so much fun it just felt right. We have so much in common and have the same interests. I feel like she would come out and tell me if she didn't want to see me again, but she hasn't. She is 27 and isn't the type that would play games with someone. I don't know if the whole situation has caught her by surprise and she is backing off to get her feelings in order or if she feels like maybe she made a mistake. Not sure what to do. I know she likes to be pursued (she told me that way before we got romantic with each other). Is she seeing how much I like her or trying to let me down easy? I'm the type of person who goes after something I want, but I also don't want to make it awkward since we work for the same company, but not in the same office. I was thinking about just flat out asking her if she wants to see me again. Is this a good idea? Normally I would just be going with the flow, but I got out of a five year relationship a little over a year ago and I'm a little rusty. Ladies out there what are your thoughts about this. Is she playing hard to get, is she confused, or do you think she suddenly decided she isn't interested? Or maybe the other guy is back?


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  • Two dates is enough to figure out if you are into someone or not. Just because you two have a lot in common and can talk great, doesn't mean you will be perfect lovers. I think she found you are nice guy, but not someone she would date. Basically the ball is in her court now. If she wants to pursue, she will. If not, just accept it and be happy with being co-workers/friends.


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