How do you know if you affect a guy/get under his skin?

At the end of a relationship or whatever, it's always hard on both people but I always feel like the other person isn't affected at all. How do you know that you have had an affect on someone? I was tempted to contact an ex and my best friend told me "think about him and what he's going to feel and have to deal with when you do that, it's going to be hard for him also." And I never thought about it that way. How do you know when you get under someone's skin?


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  • if a guy is cocky or good with words etc..and you're right there with him, doing the same. it'll baffle him at why he's not able to seduce you or whatever. look at caitlin and charlie from spin city. they eventually got together, but up until then, she was keeping up with him on how "cocky" he was

  • Are you trying to?

    • I don't know what I'm trying to do. We ended badly and then reconnected and then ended again and I usually respond to him when he says things but I didn't this last time and I've never done that and it's been like a month and I guess I just wanna know that he noticed that I am not saying anything and that it's getting to him...because he really hurt me. I know it sounds immature but it's how I feel

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    • Well the thing he sent me was a big deal and something I've always responded to. He was trying to end things, yet again, and be amicable and whatever and he does this a lot but then we talk again in a few months but this time I just didn't engage.

    • I think it bothered him.

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