How could you if he is a multiplayer person?

There is a guy I'm getting to know him these days but we didn't hang out together yet. I want to know if he is serious or just having fun with more than one girl at one time and try to see who will work with before getting into emotions.

His profile has a lot of girls ad he told me that I'm the first girl I talked for a realtion without knowing who she is and I guess you are going to be the last.. I didn't take it as a truth !!

He has two fb accounts one as he said for family and one for friends and public.. He wanted me to add him but I told him to choose which one that suit you to add me from. Till now he didn't add me lol

I'm kinda suspicous about him I want to know who is he!! because he know so much about me before he knew me and I don't.. but in the same time I don't to get attached to him and end up with broken heart.

So how I should know that.


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  • Sounds like a player to me. Here are your options:

    Pursue him:
    A) Short term realtionship/ You are one of many/ HIV is possible/ He will dump you if you become too much of a hassle for him.

    Not Pursue him:
    B) You will find another guy, who may actually cares about you.


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