Developing a new crush but I just got out of a messy situation. Should I go for it or not?

So I'm taking up a few summer classes at my local community college. There are two guys. One who I know is for sure interested and the other who seems to be giving me non verbal signals like elongated eye contact, smiling. This has been going on since the beginning of June. Now I'm noticing he's starting to dress nicer everyday. Last week was the first time we ever actually had verbal contact.

I'm starting to think about him more often but I just got out of a situation which pretty much lasted from 2nd semester of freshman year till now going on Junior year. I tried everything to fix and get the ball back rolling but nothing came of it. I said my final goodbyes and called a quits a few weeks ago. With that being said I'm a little more apprehensive then I normally would be and not quite myself but I've improved. The new guy seems like good potential but I'm nervous

Do you think it's too soon?


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  • The question is: "do you?" He is obviously ready for you. Are you ready for him? If yes, then carry out like you would. If not, wait awhile and ask yourself "what got me into the previous situation in the first place? How do I avoid it?" If you found this any help comment on this! :D

    • Helpful. The thing is I don't have a while. Maybe like another month to decide.
      I want to make the right decsion because the last guy I rejected because of my messy situation cost me a friendship and a possible future relationship. Some regrets
      I actually met the other guy the exact same way. So much it's kind of creepy. We did the whole flirting across the room thing then got paired up the rest is history.

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    • Well what do you think? Good position or not?

    • I'm confused :P

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