Will I get in trouble and is this wrong? What do you think?

I'm 15 he's 20. Yeah, it sounds fucked up i know, and YES i know he can get into serious trouble, so i know what i'm getting myself into. We're not in a relationship and we don't intend to be until i am 18 :)

We both got a little drunk at a bbq last night and ended up kissing.. However the problem is, is that he is my mums boyfriends nephew.. He said that he needs to stay away from me until i'm old enough to be with him.. He even suspected that we were in the toilet together but he didn't actually see us kissing (luckily) HOWEVER, my mum knows i've kissed him and the only reason i told her was because i can't keep secrets away from her, but i told her to keep it a secret and she has. I dont know what to do because i really like him and now we never get the chance to be alone because his uncle always keeps an eye out on us.. And i dont want to end this whole secret thing with him either. It's nothing serious.. Just a bit of fun, but is it my fault? And am i doing something wrong?


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  • He could go to jail for a long damn time for that. You don't do anything with him. Carry on with life, and forget about him until it's more of an appropriate situation.


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  • My immediate thing is, he's to old for you. HOWEVER i'm in great agreeance with the whole "Your mature for your age, and he's actually a great guy" Argument. IT could very well be true and by the sounds of it (You went and told your mom about what happened) you sound mature for your age.

    It would end up being 3 whole years till you guys were even able to "see eachother".

    Honestly I wouldn't want to do that, as new interesting people always come along and tug at my interest.

    To finish up and get to my point, I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything.
    You should either
    A ~ See him secretly (you could tell your mom about this or not, She sounds like a cool mom who, might be cool with this and it would still be a good idea in general but! Thats to be left with you)

    B ~ Just block him out and look around for someone else. There are always other people.

    These are the two possibilities I personally see that you 'should' do in this situation but in the end whatever you do is up to you.

    • thanks a lot! I was suppose to i chose this as most helpful but i accidently chose another opinion /:

    • Well darn, It's all good just glad to help.

  • this sounds familiar:p hahah im gonna guess your from the UK cause you say "mum". I would lay low until you're able to do whatever you wanna do with this guy. even if he is your moms bf's nephew whatever. he's single right? lol

    • Yes haha, from the uk ;) and yeah! he's single at the moment. But waiting is so long. I want to see him nowwww

  • Just wait a couple/few years then it will be ok. Right now is kinda bad, illegal and taboo!

  • Check your state rules and avoid sex I don't know if oral is ok maybe

    • I definitely won't have sex with him! I think as far as we will both go is kissing and other stuff, apart from that, If he wants sex then he can wait for it ;)

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  • Hi ^^
    I can relate.
    Because I'm in love with a guy who is 15 years older than me.
    It always depends on the maturity level, the commitment, and just how much you care for each other.
    There are many ways to go along with this.

    Here are some examples:
    1. It is not illegal to DATE a person that is over the age of 18 and kissing is allowed (but unless you look mature people will stare at you two on the street, and might go through some intense bullying)

    2. Wait for it all until you're 18 (this could also be a test. If you really love eachother, you can wait another 3 years.)

    3. Go against the law! (I do not like this option. But it is something you could potentially do...)

    There are many more options here.

    Also ask yourself.
    Do you truly love him and does he truly love you back?

    How much do you love this guy?
    Could you risk many things for him? Maybe even your life?
    Could you be with him even when they're are struggles?

    Does he love you?
    Does he seem to care about you?
    Does he show it?
    Maybe you should ask him?

    Is this relationship serious?

    Just some questions to think about :)
    Good luck!

  • stat with him in secret. it will be fun, you like him.. and after all guys mature slower than girls. as long as he respects you its fine.

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