Are these ok to ask a girl who confessed to you?

So, I've completley given up on relationships, too complicated, can barely focus on my own life, (CLICHE BUT, No girl could ever like me cause i dont look the best, awkward in crowds, not exactley smart,(although i somehow managed to graduate early) im not very funny, Im calm in big situations though because i dont take them seriously.) but if a girl SOMEHOW, MAGICALLY, FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON said she liked me (she confessed) Oh, and no this did not happen nor do i expect it to. What im wondering is would it be rude to ask if A: Are you that desperate? B: Is this some prank where you will humiliate me in front of your friends? C: Did you lose a bet, or were you dared to do this? D: Are you just trying to get over someone else? (If she said no to all of those i would still reject her because she could still do so much better) So are any of those rude at all? PS I WOULD SERIOUSLY ASK THESE QUESTIONS IF I WAS EVER CONFESSED TO BECAUSE SERIOUSLY THATLL NEVER HAPPEN.

just to rehash the poimt, i was not confessed too, i just want to know if those questions would be rude to ask.


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  • For god sakes, don't say any of that if a girl confesses that she likes you. Something like, "Are you sure?" or "What makes you like me?" would be a MUCH better option. That way she will either be ridiculously forward (usually an obvious "prank" move) or she will genuinely tell you what she likes about you. Or whatever.

    And do you know what? If a girl confesses that she likes you and you reject her not because you don't like her, but because you think she could do better? That's a dick move. Reject her only if you don't like her. Because you have no idea how much courage it could have taken her to say something to you. Don't be an asshole to her. :-/

    • i do know how much courage it takes, I've confessed to girls back when i was young and stupid. but thanks for letting me know. Oh, but i dont really see how rejecting her because i think she can do better is rude...wouldnt that be a compliment?

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    • Unless she will be happy with you. You would need to let her make that choice, otherwise you may be denying her what will *actually* make her happy. If she isn't happy, she would leave. You've got to respect that about women; making that decision for her isn't really fair. And what if she's awkward just like you and you two are soulmates? ;-)

    • i understand the whole choice thing, everyone has the right to make there own choices but sometimes people make the wrong choice without realizing it and i dont want anygirl to be hurt because they accidentally chose me.also i dont believe in soulmates because how am i supposed to find one women out of 4 billion when she could be anywher on earth? but i know i can't change a womens mind about how she might feel about me, but im still going to wonder how its possible if it does happen.

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  • I think you're overthinking this and overreacting over something that is potentially a good thing... It wouldn't hurt to try something out with her. Just chill out and go with the flow.

    • no, i wasn't confessed to, i was just curious because i was bored. i dont expect that to happen ever.

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    • i do see your point here, but im not asking for advice to become a better person (I dont want to be some happy person who doesn't notice everything thats going wrong) I just wanted to know if those questions would be rude to ask. all the description stuff is merely there to show my point of view.

    • those questions are rude. they're conclusive without giving yourself the opportunity to really address the situation.

  • You should ask similar questions of your really considering that this was a prank or something, but you might just be nervous about this relationship. I know exactly how you feel. Whenever a someone comes up to me in a sexual way, I always feel like he has been dared, but I just go with it and I don't make myself vulnerable


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