If a guy isn't attracted or interested in a girl, would he kiss her?

there's this guy I'm seeing but I can't seem to understand him... we known each other for about 3 years he's my ex-friend's friend and we started messing around last year up until now... The thing is I'm worried that he is not interested and is using me. Every time we see each other we talk, kiss, mess around and we text each other almost everyday. But there are times when he gets me thinking because he doesn't really go out with me and he doesn't show to much of anything and I'm not dumb its most likely he's not interested or whatever but I just wanna make sure that its really him and not me assuming things. I really like him and he knows that, I made it pretty clear to him. He doesn't ask for much but I have bought him some stuff. Like for his b-day I bought him a Ps3 and he supposedly got so mad at me that he kicked it when we got into one of our fights. Then I recently got him the wii just because I knew he wanted it. Other than that I don't buy him I just do random things for him out of heart. When we kiss I feel the chemistry but the question is... is he really feeling me? please give me your honest opinion... it doesn't matter if its bad or not because I end everything with him today because of this same reason.


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  • You dumb in the first for buying those gifts for him

    if you having second thoughts bout y'all relationship then you should buy him sh*t

    • I know that's y I ain't with him no more because I realized it was dumb one and two he apparently didn't appreciate it either.

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