Is this a good response? Please advice!!!?

I found out the guy who told me I was the only one us sleeping around. There was a comment from another woman in a pic of his on aff. In the pic he was naked showing his but and the woman commented: i miss that ass.
Should I comment as well? Something like this: "yes, john, i miss your ass too. Listen to the old woman, you're being too busy lately and we miss you"

Is it too pathetic or what? Im infuriated omg.

Should I comment or should I go silent?


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  • That's a terrible comment, the one the woman wrote. However, I don't know. Social media sites are not my first place to start something but I understand you want to be heard, so probably it's not a bad idea. Perhaps she's one of his ex, but even then, ex partners don't go around spitting comments like that just because. Give him a chance to explain himself, but I don't think he'll tell the truth... at least not all of it. You can do much better than him and his ass.


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  • He lied to you. Never speak to him again. Publilius Syrus said long ago, "Trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone."

    • Thank you. I just don't want him to think I've disappeared because I got crazy. I wanted him to know I know...who cares at the end...He's still a player...

    • I just checked. If that is your picture icon you are a very attractive women and should never have a problem with men. Ummm mmm.

  • Don't trust anything on social media. I had a girl who I didn't even know constantly talk about how she was sleeping with me and stuff like that whenever she noticed I was trying to talk to a girl.

    Honestly don't trust random shit that strangers post, it can either be a joke or possible malicious misinformation.

    Though why does he have a pic of his junk up online like wtf?


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  • I'd let him know that you weren't dumb and know what's going on, then forget him. Let him know he lost a good thing.