I'm getting tired of talking to girls online for a few days and then not wanting to talk on the phone or text?

Is it really that big of a step? I know some girls I've only talked to for like a day or two, but we've messaged each other like 30 times. My goodness, leave something for the date right? Girls what do you think of this? by the way they flake out and I never hear from them again after I mention wanting to exchange numbers and talk on the phone.


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  • If they flake out don't ask the next one so quickly for the number, that's why you need to talk a lot and for a while to build trust so they know if your a friggin lunatic or not:p
    I'm chatting to a nice girl , I would never ask for her number I'd prefer to wait a few months until she asks for mine, females are more vulnerable than males and if say they should be over protective with guys on the internet until they are sure they know the guy well enough.


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  • How old are they? It sounds like they are immature...

    • between 21 and 25. I guess I can try and not suggesting we talk on the phone so quickly. Then again I've done that a few times and realized all they want to do is talk on the dating site. Or even some that did give me their number just seemed to want a texting buddy.

    • No cause if you stall too much wanting to talk by phone then girls think u have someone else and this is why u don't offer to talk on the phone... so offer it after a little bit, a few days, and just say hey, here's my number if u wanna talk.

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  • I'm not sharing my secrets for everyone to see.

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