Why do men (ex boyfriends, ex boos, guys you use to talk to) come back after the love is gone or things have gone sour? How would I know if its real?

Men always like to reappear in women's lives months or years later after a break or break up. Why is that? Its quite annoying especially when the reason why things ended may have resulted from the guy fucking up? Guys, why do you think its ok to show up in our lives after we have spent time eradicating you out of our minds...and is it a sincere attempt to get back with us or just a reason to be nosy and see if we are doing better or worse without you? A guy I have been talking to for 8 months told me last week to back off which I have decided to do. As I am in the process now of getting over him and our past situation I have this looming feeling that in the upcoming weeks or months (probably as the summer is ending) he is going to resurface...what should I do? Normally if I am over a guy and they come back I just ignore them or make them work to get back into my good graces because apparently you guys think that things are suppose to poof and magically go away. I really like this guy and I can see myself with him but I don't know if my past actions engaging with exes after the fact will allow me to let him back into my life.


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  • Well some guys come back because they feel bad for what they did if they were the ones who fucked up those are usually the sincere guys, I think if he's trying to be friends or resurface in your life then you should see what he had to say and then make up your mind. Cause you don't want to rule him out before he says what he ha to say you know?