How much of chance have I lost?

So there is this girl that I am pretty sure likes me, but I never gave her attention, I caught her staring at me a couple of times and I almost see her everyday around campus (btw we don't know each other). however about 8 months have passed since I first noticed and until recently that I started to have feelings for her but I am not sure if I should go to her, I mean would she be cool about it after this time?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help.. I have talked to her, I chickened out a little when she passed by and then I went to her and told her that I have liked her for a while and I would love to go out with her, but she told me that..
She smiled and said "I'm sorry but I am in a relationship right now", I kept my smile and told her it's alright. Was there anything wrong in that? And do you think that there is a chance in the future, if -god forbid- sth happened in her relation?


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  • All a girl wants is to be noticed and affection so if you've noticed she's been staring at you and giving you little hints then she wants you to approach her! Girls won't constantly stare at guys they are not attracted to, as a girl I only stare at guys who I like or am attracted to and she is probably attracted to you. Even if you have any of the same friends tell them so they can tell her. If a girl knows that you are interested in them she will become a lot more infatuated with you! good luck! :)


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  • Just confront her I feel my crush is thinking this too. He told his friends he thought I liked him and now I am a little shy and more subtle. Talk to her about it. Get to know her.

  • Yea go ahead don't be shy, my boyfriend did to me and started talking to me. Girls love it when you approach to them, it shows them that you want to be with them


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  • yea bro girls dig confidence. dont doubt yourself, anyways whats the worst that can happen? go for it. its never too late