Could my lack of dating experience be partially due to the area I live in?

I live in a very "blue collar" area, although even then it's a bit deteriorated now from when it was considered to be thriving. However my family has more of a history of fitting the "white collar" lifestyle, working more towards the big city and commuting back and forth. But everywhere I go, I just feel like I'm around a lot of people that I have little in common with and there aren't many girls that I find attractive. Even then, it doesn't seem like there are too many girls around that find me attractive either so it's just a lose-lose-lose situation haha.

I don't mean to sound haughty or uppity but there just seems to be a whole lot of simpletons around and I don't necessarily mean that in a derogatory way either, although there are plenty of people around that I do mean it in that way about lol. But there are just a lot of people that somehow seem content with living the simple life, low-wage manual labor... and that's totally fine, all power to them for that. That, and the whole life that goes along with it, just isn't for me.

What I can't stand most though are the people that are still stuck in a bubble and aren't adaptive to the times and have very old-fashioned views to the point of them being wrong. People that just can't seem to think for themselves or form their own moral code. There's a lot of homophobia, racism, and sexism going on, and lots of drunks and drug users in the area. So the more I live here, the more I just continue to feel like I don't belong.

And I probably seem pretty different here too, to most people. I can't say for sure, but again it's not like I have too much in common with them either, so I wonder how that all factors into how people view me, especially young women from around here (the ones that are still left that is... all of the attractive girls from my high school days have all gone away to college and started new lives elsewhere).

I just wonder how much my dating life has suffered due to where I'm from.


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  • You have to leave that place, it'll rot your brain.

    • Oh believe me I think it does lol. Sounds bad but it really makes me dislike people :/

    • That's completely reasonable. I know the type of people you're referring too, that level of ignorance is almost painful to be around on a daily basis. It's overwhelming at times.
      Humans are social beings, if you feel like you cannot connect with the people who surround you, essentially you're isolated.

      Honestly, move away!

    • ... *to

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  • Yes. You need to move.

    In the meantime, I'm sure there are SOME decent girls around.

    • It's a genuine rarity. They are tremendously few and far between. It's to the point now where they're either too young, or they're a bit older than me and likely wouldn't date a younger guy.

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    • So shouldn't you be used to it?

    • I guess but at the same time, the older I get, the more I see everything for what it is and the more I realize that this place isn't for me. I'm finding myself in the world and I really don't think I fit in here.

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