How can my little bro start a conversation with a girl?

aftr 1 week my little bro going to meet the girl he loves, but she doesn't know he loves her, how is he gonna show her tht? that will be the 5th day he will see her and with more 3 days, shall all be 8 days, can he show her that he loves her? wht kind of subjct shall he start with her? hobbies? sports? fav food? wht? help pleez! thnxxx nywy ;)

  • tell her how he feels?
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  • start conversation with hobbies?
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  • start conversation with sports?
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  • start conversation with fav food?
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  • opinions if none of theese! :)
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  • Those are all really good option for him about after he finds out what she likes. I would start by telling her how nice she looks and pointing out small things like her eye color, hair style, earing and piercing if she got more than the traditional 1 in each ear stuff like that. That way she knows that he paying attention to her. Then he could lead with one of the topic up above but I would stay away from sports in till he finds out that she plays a sport or likes sports


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