Is it REALLY true that 70% that most black women are single?

I read something about that and watched a clip from Oprah. I don't believe it because not all black women are loud, obnoxious and rude. Whoever said that is ridiculous. I'm a black young woman and single. I'm 24 and currently a student in college studying Elementary School Education. I'm a decent respectful person who loves helping others and take my time to volunteer, but don't put up with drama. I've only had one boyfriend in my life and he was Hispanic. I've been single for three years. I'm open to date any race. I don't care what race the man is as long as he's respectful and treats me right. I chose to be single because I'm trying to figure out myself and get myself together. Is that bad? I'm not desperate or anything. I have my whole life to have a boyfriend.

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  • I wouldn't say 70% but I heard that it was high. It is a numbers game. Historically Most people date within their race. The ratio of black men to black women is already 2 men for every 3 women. Factor in gay guys, guys in prison, guys who don't meet your standards, guys who think that you don't meet their standard and the numbers change a lot. Also factor in that of the major race groups black women are seen as the least desirable ( generally speaking). Also look at the stereotypes and there really is a lot going against women

    Luckily for me I still believe in the black family and I'm always searching for my queen


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  • Maybe the stat meant unmarried, rather than unattached in any way.

    But yeah I do know it's high, whatever the precise proportion is.

  • Who knows. We'd have to interview a lot of people to get an idea of this sort of thing. But since most people obviously don't care enough to do that, it comes down to either people's assumptions or what they have seen personally (which can still vary from person to person).

    And why would being single for your own purposes be a bad thing?


What Girls Said 3

  • Well there'd have to be a pretty intensive study to find that out so I honestly question those "results". But you being single to better yourself isn't bad at all. I believe all people should work on themselves before trying to give their all to someone. Since I'm currently in a relationship, I would have to say the survey is incorrect but eh, what do I know.

  • I'd have to see the study. However, I've have seen stories/data stating that nearly 70% of black mothers are single/unwed.

  • That's the mindset of most black women which is probably why were the most single. Most black women don't need men. Were happy with our friends and family lol

    Oh. One more thing. Black people break up when they can't handle each other anymore. White couples stay together for the kids and divorce later.

    • I disagree with that last statement but who am I lol

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    • thunthunthun: nobody lol jk

      But it's really rare that black people are together despite hating each other. Which probably explains why there are more black single mothers.

    • and niggas ain't shit so that could be a factor too.