Was that a attempt to restart the contact?

I have a ex where we separated as friends we started to lose contact slowly over time since we didn't see each other at school
Anyhow I sent her a "hey, how are you" through Skype
And sometime after that I got a snap from her saying "this shirt is so long it goes over my pants, dont I look attractive"
But she didn't respond to my Skype message, and I also didn't get a snap from her in forever
Would you call coicedence or was that her sorta respons to my message


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  • I think she did that to make you feel bad i mean i have done that before-sadly- . but yeah i think she might have sent that to you by accident but most likely it was on purpose , unless she's not the type to want to make their ex jealous.

    • I dont see why she would make me Jalous we had pritty good reasons to separate and she was the one who made them clear to me
      And we always remained friends if she wants attention from me she can simply respond in Skype :p

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    • On the other had I do know she still like me (enough that if I solved the problem I could get her back anytime)
      But yhea the problem currently is about 6000km (4000 miles) :p

    • get her back if you want her if you don't its up to you

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