You can't make someone love you, but can you influence?

At times love comes naturally through chemistry, people instantly fall in love as if they where meant to be together. But are there times where people don't start liking you, but you love them and then through time they start developing feelings for you? Feelings that where influenced by you through your showing of care and admiration. How do I make her fall in love with me? Girls? Guys? I think this one is special because not only is she pretty but she's also a genuine person, she is true. I need help, I'm but very desperate.


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  • If you Have girls who go trough a struggle and you show that you are there for them in all times and show that ypu care for them, they often fall in love with you.
    But that's simply becuase tou are there rock, the become a bit dependent on you
    All girls have a struggle at all times if you find that ypu can exploit that rather easy
    I used it often and only failed once
    Not proud of it I did it this way becuase it is exploiting a girls weakness for yourself

    If you use this keep in mind you do flirt a little with them else you become thier BFF simply becuase you are there for her will result in her flirting back


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  • Well, with my current crush who likes me back, I never had romantic feelings for him until the end of last was a combination of me stopping crushing on another person, him and I hanging out more, finding out we have similar values and views on life, me being comfortable in his presence (even before i liked him I would lean on his shoulder if I was tired, or wear his scarf) and with touch, and then...what caused me to have a crush, him opening up to me and telling me things he has never told anyone before.

    Overall, we already were compatible and the thing that took us over the edge was the chemistry between us that was always there, but I hadn't seen until he opened up to me.

  • I think you should try getting closer to the girl, communicate more, show your best features and personality, but be honest. Make her notice that you are interested with her, but do things slowly. Don't play hard to get often, because it will confuse the girl. Good luck! :)

  • i believe you can learn to love someone, uhm i'm speaking from experience eeeit eeeit to me! anyway i think you should follow Melee's suggestion :)


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