Best first date - what would yours be?

If you can have the best first date of your life what would it be like?

Guys and Girls do tell me of what would be or was your best first date ever.

My first date started out as a disaster in the making only to become one night I never will forget.
I had a wardrobe failure and his car had trouble towards the restaurant. We spend four hours with a blanket on the hood of his car looking at the stars and drinking the wine he had saved for later when we were suppose to go out and look at the stars. But i fell in love all over again that night.
It was kind off bad that his parents showed up that was a sign that the night had came to an end.

So tell me your best first date?


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  • My best first date was my actual first date.
    We went to go see a kids movie (Frozen ohmygod it's the best) then we went to a park to cuddle and we sat in a tree to hide from everyone then we went to his house and kissed for the first time.
    It was a lot more romantic them I just put it, but I think It's way better then anything fancy. It was just me and him having fun. :)


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