What does it mean when a guy you've been dating for less than a month say, "love you"?

This was via text, and keep in mind we've never slept together. We met 2 months ago, and have been dating for three weeks. We live in different states, and came across each other twice in less than a month. We didn't exchange contact info on the fist meet, but we did the second time. I'm I reading too much into this?


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  • Hey
    as u have described
    i wanna say that he had found everything he want in his life partner in you

    so as he may have thrust of love
    he may have nkt meet anyone like u

    and his heart may have said that u r the person he was looking for

    so it seems he really loves u

    but though be careful don't let him play with ur feelings and u don't play with his

    and specially confirm that he really does not want to only sleep with u

    give little long time to ur relationship
    know everything about him in short time
    and make sure he is not lying to u

    Think weather to go forward or not

    hope u will have great bright future with him


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  • Whenever a guy says he loves you first and doesn't ask for anything after that, that means that he means it. :)

  • I personally would think he doesn't understand what love is. It's too soon, especially under the circumstances. And to say it in a text for the first time is rather immature and lacks intimacy and meaning.