HELP! How do I go about setting my gorgeous best friend up?

My best friend is gorgeous, if you see him, you'd be extremely confused as to why he's still single.
The truth is, he was in a long term relationship since he was young, they broke up several months ago and he just isn't that experienced or confident with women.
He's the funniest guy I've ever met, if you think he's stunning physically, his actual personality goes way beyond that. He's very loving and tactile and he's the kind of guy who would tell you you're beautiful every second of the day.

He doesn't have a type, he goes solely for personality- which is rare because he literally looks like a model.
He's 6'1, brown eyes, which turn green sometimes, he's white, piercings and tattoos and just all round gorgeous- he has that brooding type look to him haha.
He's honestly one of those guys you would assume is a douche, because of how gorgeous he is- but he just doesn't see it, himself. Plus his limited interaction with women, has a lot to do with it.

I really want for him to be in love, that's when he's the happiest. He's extremely romantic.
How do I go about setting him up?

He's 23 years old, btw.


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  • he is probably tired of being in a relationship for now so setting him up would probably not a good idea.

    • Well, they've been separated for like a year now. I think it's time. Lol

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    • Thank you, that's a really good idea! :)

    • you're welcome! ^-^

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  • He's 23 so he can handle this on his own. When you're recovering from a breakup the last thing you want is people trying to set you up. That's so annoying. You should really just let him handle it unless he asks you to help him out. It's his life and he's the one who has to live it. You shouldn't need a relationship to be happy. If you do that means you don't like yourself very much and you want someone to pick up the slack. So maybe he should take some time to be more comfortable with himself.

    Seriously, it's not your place to do this. I'd leave him alone and let him go at his own speed and not yours. He's "gorgeous," right? He'll find someone. The schedule you've made up for him in your head is what you want, not what he wants. You have to respect what he wants and not try to fit him into where you want him.

    • Fair enough, that's a good bit of advice there.

      But, what if I just introduce women that he might like, into his life and just leave it at that?
      I won't be obvious or forceful about it...just make the introductions?

    • And he does alright without a partner, but there is nothing wrong with missing companionship- which he has said is the case.
      From our conversations, I think it's mainly his lack of confidence with women that could be holding him back. So I'm trying to find ways to give him a head start.

      Wanting a relationship with someone, is not the same as having dependency issues.

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