Is it wrong to be a little jealous?

My boyfriend has a Facebook page that I recently discovered. A page on which he posts pictures of Asian women and anime girls in various states of undress. I mean anime girls don't bother me but making comments on how Asian girls are the best girls or how aroused he is and such?
Um , not sure how to put it really but it kinda makes me feel bad. I'm not even close to Asian or anywhere near as pretty as the women he posts up. I guess I'm feeling inadequate? Is this a normal reaction?


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  • No its fine to be a little jealous just don't over do it


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  • Yes you are feeling inadequate. Yes it is a normal reaction. However, it's an unhealthy one. He's with you because he likes you. If he didn't, he'd be dating an asian. There must be something more you're bringing to the table.

    • Yeah except if its a " oh she's all I can get anyways" type thing. Idk.

    • Rthen why would you date such a loser?

    • I don't think he's a loser. But he's antisocial and insecure. So

  • are you talking about a cosplay page? it's okay for men to fantasize about that sort of thing but saying it turns him on is going a bit far. most comments I say is they are cute, pretty, or gorgious. rarely would I say a FB picture is sexy.

    I have no idea what you look like but if he's with you posting pictures of pretty Asian girls he must think you're quite pretty. if I'm correct about the cosplay maybe you can find out what anime chicks he likes most and try to dress up like them and post it on the same page.

    • after reading the other comments I agree with the other men saying he likes you and that you should give yourself more creddit.

      there's nothing wrong with having a fetish or hobbie maybe talking to him about it would help you understand why he does what he does. as a helpful hint try avoid accusing him and starting an argument instead mentnsion "I was going through your FB activity (or how ever you found the page) and would like to know what you find attractive in those women" just listen to what he has to say than you can say "I feel inscaure about your hobby and that I don't measure up to your standards"

    • Actually a lot of the real pictures aren't even cosplay. I know what cosplay is , I do it. Hah. And I don't know he's mentioned before that other girls don't like him so feeling a bit like " oh she's all I can get anyways , might as well " type thing is going on. :/ hard to explain emotions whoops.

    • ooh. I can definantly see how you can feel the way you do if he says things like that. I hope you can get through to him how he's making you feel.

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  • He seems as if he has a fetish.

    Also, professional photos being taken (along with make up and hairstyling) makes a huge difference in ones appearance.

    No need to feel inadequate.
    Feel secure in yourself.

    • And to answer your last question.
      It is a normal reaction.
      Some of us women are very territorial. We want our men to fantasize about us, and find us attractive.
      I don't see anything abnormal about that.
      Just express to him the way you feel.
      But don't lash at him.
      If you want open communication lashing out won't get you anywhere.

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    • If there were that many beautiful people walking around, then that would be the new average.

    • Yeah true. Thanks.

  • I think it's actually necessary to be "a little" jealous. But if it gets more than it should be, it'd cause bad things...

    • Yeah , I'm just not sure how much is too much. I know I'm a very jealous individual so I'd rather know its justified before discussing it.

    • At that situation, I'd feel inadequate too. But if he has a fetish like that, that'd be pretty difficult for him to quit it... Breaking up for something like that would be getting "too much jealous" for example...

    • Yeah I don't want to break up with him because of it , I guess I just want him to stop rubbing it in publicly that I'm nothing like his dream girls

  • He's been infected with Yellow Fever, dump him.

    • Lmao , that was terrible :p

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    • True. :( blah.

    • Just talk to him. tell him how it makes you feel when he looks at those others girls.

  • I don't get why men say they like a certain type of girl and then turn around and date the complete opposite. If he wanted someone else he wouldn't be with you. I honestly think most men don't know what they want in a women but I think you shouldn't take his words seriously. Has he had sex with these women? Is he posting pics of them together on Facebook

    • No , I know but I mean. Saying how much they arouse him, how they're the best girls , how no one else compares , etc just seems I guess odd if you're in a relationship

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    • Yeah I guess thats the way I feel , like he's settling for me when I'm nothing like what he really wants. But I mean , thinking a certain celebrity is sexy is kind of different to me. Its obvious you're never going to be with them. But this , who knows? He could find his dream girl anywhere really

    • We all have insecurities but you shouldn't be with a guy who you feel is waiting for someone else to come along