What's with us doing this stuff?

You go in to a relationship thinking it will work out. Than one minute you catch your partner being good and everything and than the mask falls and he/she stops pretending. Than you have babies with them and now you without wanting you start pretending for your kids a perfect family. If you don't have kids you pretend for your family and friends.Yet these weren't your intentions in the first place. You became a pretender without knowing that you would become this person.


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  • The rocky years precede the 30-something years - always have.
    Making it through this storm of doubts and future worries is tough for all.
    Best advice would be to stiff arm outside problems, cultivate internal harmony between just you two. Many find their love feelings again during couples vacations with no phone/internet to connect them to stress.

  • Pride, ego, don't want to seem dysfunctional as it goes against social standards


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