Are a guys texts good method of reading how a guy feels about you?

Dating this guy for a couple of months and things seem to be going great. Last night I sent him a text saying good night and I'll see him tomorrow (we had plans to meet up). His (quick) response said "alright, good night :)". Is there anything I should read into this response? Do guys use emoticons to subtly let a girl know how he feels about her?


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  • Guys try to talk in 10-words-or-less when in person
    so this truncated version called texting is even more mysterious and often misleading.
    There's no lines to read between here, so drop it.
    Try to discover other "tells" if curious about his feelings.


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  • We avoid our feelings as much as possible sad to say so he could truly be into you


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  • I don't think so maybe he had a bad day...

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