Why did he bail on first date?

He seemed interested and proactive in getting a hold of me. He asked if I was single and wanted to photograph the sunset together. We even have lunch the day before and he's still seems excited to see me next evening. a few hours before we are supposed to meet up, he bails. Doesn't call or apologize; just TXT's me "somethings come up and i can't go =( Which really sucks because i was really looking forward to hanging out." Why did he not call or apologize? and why does he have to text because I was really looking forward to it, but not offer a different day where he is free?


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  • Maybe he didn't like the date. Maybe something really came up. But since he's not offering that information, you just have to accept the end result - that he's not that into you.


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  • he could just be trying to pull a risky move lol. so he doesn't come off as super clingy. maybe he realized he was giving too much into the interactions between you two and now he needs to cool it down. just wait a while and see if he contacts you again. if he is really into you then he will contact you again trust me.

    • he did text me bout a week later "Hey how's it going today?" to which I responded "alright. working right now, u?" Its been two weeks since that and he still has not answered or called. oh well, he's completely off my list.

    • I just think its hella rude for him to initiate conversation and a meet up with me and never respond back when I answer nicely.

    • yeah its a dick move:P at least you know who to avoid from now on

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