How soon should I text him (filler filler)?

hey so i hung out with my guy friend yesterday at the mall. i dont hang out with guys much so idk, will he text me? should i text him? i like him a bit and he may or may not like me so i just wonder what is the protocall?


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  • start the convo. if he doesn't proceed the convo you can ask him stuff about yesterday like "how did you liked it?"


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  • If I hang out with a guy friend, I don't expect a text back. If you want you contact him.

    • what do i say? i just worry that hell think i think its a date which i hope it was but he might not

    • A guy friend and I once went to go watch a movie. I didn't consider it a date. I didn't expect a text afterwards.

      Just message him a hey :)