Why do parents with cheating spouses give love advice to their children on love?

If anything they should be the last people their children should listen too. They are such pushovers and too dumb to leave their or own cheating spouse. Now they want their children to follow their same idiotic mistakes. If their child learns about love themselves they are much more likely to find a faithful person than their own parents. If not faithful than can learn not to let others take advantage of them. Even if it's their mom or dad cheating on their other parent it's dysfunctional and their kids don't need love advice from pushovers.


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  • I'm not sure if my dad has cheated on my mom. Maybe he has. He probably has. Regardless, their marriage sucks- and they DO try to advise my sister and me about men. Well- my mom does most of the talking, my dad tacitly agrees. Anyways, whenever they try, I tell them to shut the fuck up since they CLEARLY don't know what they're talking about. But then they do the whole "learn from our mistakes" speech. Interestingly, faithfulness is not what they talk about. They underscore striving for independence and the unpredictability of men. Lol. Idiots they may be, but perhaps there's some value to their words.

    • My dad cheated and he has the best advice on men. Lol. The last guy I was dating cheated on me and my sister told him I dumped him. My dad said yes must've been because he cheated. Yes and he talks about woman independence and how I have to take of myself.

    • Lol. A cheater can sense another cheater. I suppose it's a form of recognition :p

    • Pretty much.

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  • They believe the hypocritical advice is supposed to be helpful.

  • Because they're stupid. That's why I'm never getting married

    • hahahahha! nice! I enjoyed that:D

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    • I was saying how the cheater doesn't love anyone but themselves. They are narcissists.

    • Not always. They can love their child

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