Am I doing something wrong? Honest opinions please!?

So I posted a few weeks ago about a date with a guy that went really really well! He has been away for a few weeks for work, but gets back this weekend. He spilled beer on his phone before leaving. Anyways, we have been sending flirty e-mails back and forth (his idea), and I am excited for him to get back! He is on an online site (that's not how we met but I was on the site too and discovered him on there). I deleted my profile (because I don't really like it), but he didn't. We had one date, therefore I don't care that he still has his. He mentioned a few times us getting together when he got back, and I am really looking forward to it.

Anyways, well he was gone I took a friends advice and went out with this other guy (lets call him guy 2) . We hit it off, and ended up having sex. he's a super nice guy, and is being really sweet. But I am more interested in the first guy who I haven't even kissed. I mean maybe 'it' will come with guy 2. I shouldn't have slept with him. But in my defense it takes two to make a 'less then intelligent sexual choice'. I am not like that normally I am usually cautious, I just let my guard down under the influence of a few drinks.

Anyways, I know I didn't cheat, I am single. But I feel guilty for some reason. I guess I am just looking for confirmation that I am not doing something bad? Any advice on what I should do with either guy.


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  • While you're right that you probably shouldn't rushed into it with guy #2, it happens. I wouldn't make yourself sick over it. I don't think you're doing anything wrong, either. Do you *want* to still see guy #2? You said you're more interested in guy #1, so I'm assuming you still want to see him. At this point, if you want to give guy #2 a shot, too, there's no problem dating both. As long as they know it's not exclusive (which it shouldn't be this early in the game anyway), then there's no harm in dating around to figure out what you want. That's what dating is for. As soon as you think you've made a decision, though, let the other guy know and cut it off. Don't drag anyone along.

    • Thanks. Yeah I'd like to see guy 2 still. The awkward thing is one of my close male friends is also good friends with him. So if/when it does not work id like to be friends but he wants to hang out kind of a lot already

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  • I do agree, you should have not slept with the other guy. But I honestly dont feel like you did something wrong. Your exploring your options, and obviously if he hasn't stopped with the online thing, he is also exploring his options. But, i wouldn't sleep with anyone else until you know for sure you like guy 1.

    • Thanks;) it was just a date, I mean I don't care if he's talking to other girls. He seems interested, so we will see. I feel so guilty about the other guy, because he's doing what he should be doing like being super nice to me! Thanks for saying I did nothing wrong I appreciate that!

    • Your welcome, and good luck :)

  • I wouldn't say you've done anything wrong. It sounds like you both are just trying not to put all of your eggs into one pot by keeping options. I do agree that sleeping with guy 2 will probably cause confusion and make things a bit messy, but I'd say continue dating both and eventually see who you like better.