Why does he keep wanting to be just friends?

We started out as a really good friends then we started hooking up. We agreed to be casual because he said he wasn't looking to date anyone she he just started college and lived far and blah blah blah and everything was fine but then he randomly said "we gotta work on being just friends if we are going to continue to talk and be cool. I value you in my life and I'd rather have you as a friend than not at all. I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone and I can't do what we would be. I can't say never. I never say never but yeah, for the time being" after we hung out and hooked up multiple days in a row. He does this a lot and it feels like he's pushing me away but does he just not want to hook up or is he being genuine? I'm so confused.


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  • Plain hook-up. Why are you getting attached though? Just because you give him the sugarwalls does not mean he will fall for you.

    • You're the one giving it to him when you're not force. Us men work differently. We don't tie emotion with sex especially for friends with benefits

    • Well im attached because we were friends before all of this and I don't want to date him, I want a consistent friends with benefits but he keeps changing his mind and I don't understand why. I haven't pressured him for more or anything. He got all serious on me the other night and started saying how he misses me when he leaves and how he has interest in dating me but I said "if we are going to be casual, we shouldn't go there" and he got mad but then everything was all good after and he texted me the next day and then we saw each other again a few days later and hooked up and the next day he said ^the friends thing to me

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  • He seems like the player type. He just wants to hook up and you deserve better than that. If you want to be committed you need to move on and find someone else because this guy is not going to commit.

    • I don't want commitment, I want to hook up and I'm confused as to why he keeps doing this. Every time he changes his mind, we end up having some hour long conversation about how he's confused. I literally have never asked for anything more than hooking up haha

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