Are there many people in proximity and age that you feel physically attracted enough to where you would consider a SERIOUS long term relationship?

Maybe give a percentage of how many.

I'm just talking about looks here. I know personality is important too but how many people your age would you want something serious with just based on their looks and on how much you want to tap that ass behind closed doors? Are you physically attractived to them enough to where you feel completely sexually satisfied? Is that even important to you?

I just hate eliminating so many people that I may connect with well mentally because I don't want to fuck them four times a day.


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  • Physical attraction is NOT my decider for a longer term relationship

    • I didn't mean it's an exclusive requirement. Do you care about looks at all? I think we all do.

    • Hell yes, and I see what you're asking -i'd say maybe 30% or something like that, so many fat girls around these days...

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  • Yeah usually, most of them are 5 and up years older than me. I saw at least 5 guys yesterday that were hot enough for me to bang all night.

  • agree with the first guy on how personality is always super important, but omg the irish kid from my comm class last semester... i think i'd marry him just because of the look and accent

    • But did you read the full question? I covered that here, "I'm just talking about looks here. I know personality is important too." If you read my last paragraph you can see I'm annoyed looks matter. I just wanted to know if you really care about seriously being sexually attracted to someone serious.

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    • noooo I'm not saying that I mean there are very few I would date solely based on looks!! I'm actually not picky, I thought I was agreeing with you on that looks shouldn't be all that matter

    • Oh I would date zero based only on looks. I wonder why so many people are so concerned with being identified as someone that thinks looks are all that matters? People are terrified of people labeled negatively I'm thinking. I just find it interesting that both responders interpreted it that way even with my disclaimers. Sorry I'm an aspiring researcher of theses kinds of things.

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