Girls/Guys - Do you think your friends have a heavy influence on who you date?

Whether they influence your partners personality traits or physical features?

And if your friends were to tell you they didn't like your boyfriend or girlfriend how would that affect you/ impact your relationship?


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  • if a really good friend tells me that he honestly thinks, she is bad for me, i take it pretty seriously.


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  • nahh. they couldn't care less who I dated. they respect me like I respect them. they would also be honest with me if they had a problem with any of my relationships. that's how close we all are haha we can totally be straight with each other.

    • That's so nice to have! I think sometimes with girls we can sometimes be afraid to hurt our friends feelings so we allow them to fall into a ditch before actually saying something. Which I personally disagree with.

  • the only way my friends would affect who I date or don't date would be if they were fighting with my gf or forcing me to choose between the two. Same goes with the girlfriend. Other than that, my friends simply not liking her is not a good enough reason for me to dump her.


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