Would you ever date a woman who was seperated?

So there's a woman I know whose in her early to mid thirties, she's married but separated and she's dating a guy whose in his late twenties and is a party guy.She hangs out with him all the time, and even parties with him too.She rarely mentions her children and doesn't like to associate with her husband that much.In fact she blames him for putting the kids before her.This other guy she's "dating" is at least 5 or six years younger than her, is single, doesn't have any children, and has a history of being a player and a commitment phobe.Hes had a couple of serious relationships, one of them broke his heart, and ever since then has just been playing around.She keeps on hoping for a relationship with this guy but I don't think its ever going to happen..at last not with her.He does have a history of dating MILFS but I don't think they ever last.Hes said that he considers her one of his best friends but that's it.Whats your opinion on this and do you think he would ever settle down with her if she got a divorce?And if you were the guy in this situation what would you say or do?


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  • NO, I wouldn't date a woman like that, ever. Sounds like she is extremely immature, selfish, and self-centered. And it appears that like attracts like because she is going after a guy who is just like her. She and her younger love interest will never be anything, and unless she changes how she is she will bounce from relationship to relationship never being the ideal mate and never finding what she is looking for because what is missing is in her, not her partners or her relationships. Her kids are going to grow up and understand the situation better and resent her. She is copping out on what it means to be a wife and a mother.

    • Oh, and separated is not the same as divorced. Until she is divorced she would not be a consideration for me.

    • Yeah I think the whole situation is pathetic!!

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  • My girlfriend is divorced with 2 kids. We met after it all, she's 5 years older than me but we've been together 2 years. I get on with the kids, she's moving to a new house soon and I'm keeping on my apartment. Basically, we have our heads screwed on.

    Our sex life is amazing and I'm constantly 'wanting her' which feels great. So not all these situations are doom and gloom but from your description, it does sound as if it's a rebound thing and probably won't last


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  • Ok so I am separated with 2 children. I read in a book once about raising children that the marriage does come first so I disagree with that, but her partying all the time is not good. It is hard when you are hurt and divorcing their dad but you need to still try and be a parent. It actually sounds likes she's using him to get over the husband that's a possibility its really hard to tell whos using who. and going for the party guy shows she really isn't ready for commitment either and not being honest with herself.

    • I was going to write an answer, but kateisgemini82 said everything I wanted to say. Thumbs up.