Why the lack of contact? Is he losing interest?

We had a really good weekend together and spent the entire time with each other. He was very affectionate and said he was happy with me.

Friday night we went to a concert together, Saturday he took me to a family get together with him then we went to a movie at the theater. He didn't want me to leave his house on Sunday.

He text me first Sunday when I got home but then yesterday he didn't text me at all. I ended up calling him before bed to talk about each other's days. That went well and was like a 20 minute conversation. Now today I have yet to hear a word from him. (I have not text him or anything myself.) I don't want to be "clingy" so I was waiting to hear from him.

I know he is at work but why would a guy have a really good weekend together then not talk as much?



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  • Okay. Take a chill pill, first of all. Are you dating this guy?
    Guys don't have to be in contact with you all the time or even every day. He'll lose interest. I'm not saying he has. But being the one to always initiate conversation, not to mention every day, is pretty annoying after a while.

    Boys are quite strange. Even my boyfriend can be a crap texter/caller sometimes. They've got a life outside of their girl, and in order for him to keep interest, you can't make him bored of you. I do think he likes you.

    Give him a chance to contact you first. You did, after all, just spend 3 days with him. Everyone needs a little space. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    • Yes, I am exclusively dating/seeing him whatever you want to call it. We aren't officially calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend but we both talked and want that to happen in the future. He hasn't had a girlfriend in 6 years. He was always have fun with the guys but says he wants to settle down now etc. He actually sent me a snapchat just a little bit ago (that was a group one not a general one for me) I make the effort at night to call him before I head to bed. Maybe tomorrow I will change it up and text him early in the morning.

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