How come so many guys act like they are so in love with me, but never take things to another level, even when I show interest?

I don't know what else to add to this, but guys like to chase me. I don't know why. I guess they think I'm pretty and fun, whatever. but when I reciprocate and show I'm interested, they never pursue anything. It just seems like we never get passed flirting.

This is the story of my life


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  • if i had to judge from your profile picture: because you look so artificial. really pretty but artficial.

    • umm okay so it's based on my looks? my brothers are both married to unattractive women who look like 12 year old boys, so if it's based on looks, how did those two girls get my attractive, smart, educated brothers to marry them?

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    • lol yeah I understand

    • i could only tell you, what i get to hear all the time: you just have to wait untill the right guy shows up :)

  • Kinda was just in the same situation myself just recently.. I think some just like to flirt for the attention. Maybe they have a girl already but just like the thought of another person showing interest. Don't understand it myself sometimes.

    • i think you're right, some of these guys are wishy washy so maybe you're right

    • Seem like just people in general. Can just hope to find the right one in the end

  • You are out of everyone's league


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