Keep pursuing or has she lost interest?

I've met this girl through Facebook when I commented one of her pics ( a sort of witty/different comment). She started to talk to me and we had a couple of dates. First coffee , then lunch and finnally movies and a dinner. Things went well on all dates and on the third date we made out. We were together a couple more times and kept talking almost everyday.
However when we were together after the make out session we always stayed in the hug zone. I tried to move it forward but she kept holding back.
Now, I dont really need sex so soon ( not that i dont want to, but I dont mind waiting a bit) but since we already made out it just seems weird that we kept talking but never got to the same place as before...

We kind of share the same interests , with a somewhat different personality, but I still like her, however it just seems to me that this relationship is not moving forward anymore.
Has she lost interest or is she just holding back? To be honest, my interest is starting to fade, and I'm afraid that soon , if things dont advance, I will lose romantic interest and she will get friendzoned.


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  • It's possible that she has reservations about the relationship and maybe she got caught up in the moment and felt that it was moving too fast. It's possible that she is confused and doesn't want to lose you, but at the same time is unsure of whether she should continue with you romantically. Could she have a boyfriend she isn't telling you about? I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but in a caring and considerate way, I would bring it up with her. If she is mature, she will appreciate the effort and talk with you about it. Be as up front with your feelings as possible, as hard as that may be. Definitely ask her alone and in person, somewhere comfortable. It's the elephant in the room and a simple chat could reveal the answers you need to move on, with her or without her. I hope this helps.


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