Ever wonder what love really means?

When I see love I see how my parents feel for each other. I want that so badly! I was in a relationship last year it didn't feel like love at all. It only lasted a year and a half. We said those three words "I Love You" but when I found out that it was just words. We said and I figured out that it's not there. It got boring So I'm seeing this guy I started dating a month ago. I don't want it to turn out that way. I feel this pull between us. But I know we all can't predict the feature. How does it hit you when you know you are in love with that guy or girl? I don't want to screw up. I never really understood what love is.


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  • Love is being able to rip a big ass, juicy fart and still being able to kiss the other person you are with.


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  • Love is not a feeling it is a decision.

    • I never knew that

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    • Yes, long distance can be tough. My ex left me and we had to deal with long distance. IT is hard for some girls to feel close to their boyfriend when there isn't something tangible with them. I wish you the best. and can
      *get* not give

    • Sorry I tend to have bad grammar. And yes my parents are together for 31 years since last weekend. Thank you is much (:

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  • Love is self-sacrifice.