How can I talk to him without making it awkward or looking desperate?

Background story: A month ago i met this guy at my cousins birthday, he asked for my number i gave it he texted me and for about 10 days we talked for over 12 hours a day. We hung out twice in the 10 days and the second time we made out. When we talked we talked about the fact that we were talking, getting to know each other with a possibility that in the future we could maybe be together. Two days after the second time we hung out he told me he wants to take things slow because he realized he doesn't want a relationship, i told him that's fine. I had a feeling he started talking to another girl and i wanted to know the truth so after he didn't text me for a few days i texted and asked to talk in person and he said he couldnt (yes i know lame of him) and asked me to talk about what i wanted in text so i did. I basically asked him to tell me the truth and i said i felt he started talking to someone else and i would rather him tell me if that was it and he denied it and just said the relationship thing again he apologized and told me im an amazing girl but his timing is not right. After that i saw him a few times at gatherings because he is friends with my cousins close friends. I had/have no hard feelings towards him but when he saw me he didn't bother saying hi or acknowledging me so i didn't say hi or pay attention to him.
I've also seen him at the gym twice so far and once again he doesn't say hi.
My issue is that i miss talking to him, honestly the 10 short days i talked to him i was so much happier and i felt like i was so much nicer to people. i dont know how to explain it but he had a good effect on me and i want this guy as a friend but i dont know how to talk to him.
I know that i should let him contact me and that if he really wanted to he would but i know he's not going to, so i need advice on how to contact him?
should i say hi at the gym?
should i text him?(although i really dont want to do that)
I don't know what can i do?

i get that this guy is clearly not interested in me, i'm not in denial but i'm not the type to get attached to people this easily, something in my heart tells me i need him in my life, at least as a friend that is why i want to contact him first
UPDATE is mostly for people who are going to suggest not talking to him, i know i shouldn't lower my self and talk to him but talking to him is all i think about so any good advice on how i should start talking to him will be appreciated!


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  • Eh he sounds all over the place and kind of confused. Maybe he got back with an ex or something he wasn't completely over with and mentioned you to her (idk maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit). But as for saying hi to him I don't see why not. However I don't feel like texting him is a good idea, too personal especially for someone who hasn't even acknowledged your existence. I say a simple hi with slight interest and a nonchalant attitude should suffice. Ok lol answered. Can you answer my other post? Lol


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  • he is probably in another relationship though he is denying it, after he made out with you he probably felt bad that he is cheating his girlfriend whom he loves more than you, and stopped talking to you. since he is not even saying hi, he wants to avoid you, therefore i think u shouldn't try for a casual conversation, because he is gonna avoid you again. so start away very seriously, start by saying that 'i wanna talk to you', speak ur mind, tell him that u want him as a friend, you should criticize him for the way he treated you after being close together for 10 days that too without giving you a reason, you have every right to do that that, there is no problem showing your desperationto know the truth, stress the word 'friends' to him, he would probably talk to u if u just wanna be his friend. but dont expect much

  • can you sum it up, so i dont have to read all of that?

    • Basically a guy was really interested in me for a mere 10 days and I could talk to him more than I've ever talked to any guy, he ended up telling me he doesn't want a relationship I told him that's fine and we stopped talking. I've seen him a few times and he never says hi to me, I miss him as a friend so I just need advice on how I can contact him without seeming desperate or making things awkward.

  • Saying hi at the gym would be the best bet! Please answer mine!


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