If someone just makes you sad, but you're not happy without them either?

What do you do if having someone in your life just makes you sad because they don't treat you well / they hurt you, yet you are so attached that if you leave (due to not being treated right) you aren't happy without them either - because you were so attached, then what do you do? Do you stay or go?

Also if you want, you can tell me why you'd choose whatever you chose. (stay or leave)

Thanks so much x


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  • I go when someone makes me sad. I can't stand sadness all the time. Life is still lovely and beautiful hopefully. And very important it is SHORT.

    I can understand that attachment. I believe in balance. If this attachement passes the line , then it becomes harmful. There is no need to keep it.

    When you leave, it will hurt you at the begining. That is natural too. You just need some time. Things get better by time. Trust me, the pain you will feel after leaving is nothing when you compare with staying.


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  • Leave. On the short term it seems like you'll be far more miserable, but you'll eventually get over it. It's like removing a tumor. Yeah, it's encased and seems like it should be there. It will hurt a lot to cut it out by the roots, but in time you'll heal and no longer have something slowly eating away at you.

  • well you should not leave him because it will hurt you too so the best way you just make him feel that you are too important in his LIFE. you should stop talking with him and let him do everything alone. so that he will come to know that yes i;m nothing without her. As no one is perfect in this world buddy. so you should try to change him or yourself if he don't. try to encourage him even he does something wrong. do it and he will do the same to you.


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  • When you've had someone in your life and you let them go, its natural to miss them for a while and feel unhappy with their absence.

    I'm a big believer in cutting out negativity in your life. Youve just gotta get past the missing them stage and you'll feel a lot better.

    • Very true thank you !!

  • You go. Because you will get over it in time and it won't hurt so much anymore or at all. And you'll find someone who deserves your attachment.:)