Please help, I would like to know where I'm at with this one... I'm confused?

Ok people, I met this guy on an online dating site... we have been chatting for almost two weeks and we clicked instantly. The only problem about meeting is that he lives far from me with major time difference. We speak on the phone, he calls me everyday usually chat. Anyways, his texts are confusing. He recently started adding baby and honey after his texts which I didn't ask him why but in the morning texts he sends me, he adds 'my love' like goodnight my love, asking me if I had a nice day then I ask him the same. He also adds lip kisses emoticons and not like the xxx kinds but the actually picture ones. Then yesterday as I was going to bed and he was going to work, he texts me as usual saying he didn't sleep well, I wished him a nice day then he replied thanks followed by 'I miss you'. I didn't know what to write back so I said I miss you too then he replied 'I miss you more'

some texts also comes back with exclamation mark, or hahaha or hehe, sending me pictures of heart

Here's my dilemma, I haven't seen him in person apart from the pictures we exchange, it feels like we have known each other for ages. In his profile he mentioned his intentions of settling down but I have never asked him about his profile. I haven't had a man fussed over me like this before so I'm very confused. I wish I knew how men think... Should I give this long distance thing a go.

Oh... he is 34 so I'm hoping he's not a playa or just a flirt. Is he for real?

Thanks everyone in advance


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  • Don't get catfished. If this person is real and what you've stated is true. That is some creepy texting on his part. Don't end up in a trash can some where. . Just saying. Reading what you've posted got my red flags popping up all over the place.

    • You think so, that's why I'm so skeptical sounds to good to be true but I thought he's an adult. I'm 28 by the way. I use to think guys are more closed off with thier emotions and this one is rather fast. I even asked if he thinks this was going rather fast... he replied with 'he has clicked better with me than any other person'. I'm starting to like him and don't know what to think. Thanks

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    • Thank you so much

    • That's what we're here for. I hope that was helpful :)

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  • Some guys are fast movers and just fall for someone easily. One of the best marriages I've ever seen started as pen pals with both writing everyday. Everybody laughed at them until their wedding day. They both felt like you do.

    At the same time, I think it's smart you need to proceed with caution. I highly doubt he's a player if he's doing it from so far away. A player wants action, not a long distance relationship. And sometimes, some guys are easy to fall in and out of a relationship so you have to be a bit careful. Some guys need to have emotional affairs because their wife is not giving them what they need. One way to test it is in a week or two get on skype, so you both can interact with each other. My feeling from the information you've given us is that he's just a romantic, and most girls don't like that he's so strong with his affection so early. You like it, so maybe you're a perfect match. Good to be cautious, but no red flags on the player front, that's for sure.

  • Be careful he may be a fake person using a fake page.


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