How to recover from a bad 1st kiss (for guys)?

So we all know what a 1st kiss feels like. It's electric--almost leads to shit. Most of the time it does.

But you ever make a move on a girl and it feels... kinda mediocre? Yknow that gut feeling that's like... meh?

That happened to me for the first time tonight (with a coworker lol). How do I recover for the best results? Stories? Experiences? Please and thanks!


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  • Stop kissing random people

    • Well that's not very helpful lol, were not random

    • Well you obviously wasn't infatuated with her or anything so in that sense she was "random" to you, otherwise it wouldn't feel "meh" trust me on that. So if you followed that advice it should help you a lot. As for recovery I mean, was her tongue a chainsaw? Unless you're bleeding I don't see what you need to recover from. Get on with life as usual. It was just a kiss

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  • Gotta go for the second !
    I mean, so many things could have ruin the first kiss... Maybe you need to get more used to each other.

  • I didn't enjoy kissing until the 3rd/4th time i did it, i thnk you will only feel the electric whatnot if you have feelings fr tht person, or when you're really turned on, bt other than tht. A kiss is a. Well. Kiss. Just that nothing more.


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