Does how long a guy takes to contact you indicate how interested he is?

Obviously this is a tough question to answer but I'm just looking for opinions.

I met a guy over a month ago and I was really drunk. We kissed and I couldn't remember if I gave him my number or not but then last weekend I saw him out again and he said hi and claimed that he'd texted me but I hadn't replied. I told him I didn't get any text from him and asked him what number he had for me and when I looked my number was one digit off, so he gave me his phone and told me to correct it. We chatted a little but he made me quite nervous so I wasn't overly chatty, but I haven't heard from him.

I'm wondering if there's still a chance he may get in touch as it just seems strange to me that someone would take this long after apparently having texted me before but having the wrong number. I was actually surprised that he'd tried to get in touch with me as I didn't think he was very interested but I just don't know what to think. In my experience, most guys who take my number and do contact me do so within a day or 2 so I'd be interested to hear what others' experience of this is.


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  • Maybe he thought you were blowing him off? i. e. He might have felt that you intentionally gave the wrong number. This, coupled with you not being chatty with him when you were sober, might have put him off? Who knows!
    Every guy is different. Most would probably text within 2 days, and possibly follow up a week later. If a girl didn't reciprocate with me, I wouldn't waste my time on her. I'd move on and remember that she isn't worth it. I would, however, allow her to contact me if she was interested.

    • Well if I was blowing him off I wouldn't have asked him to check the number he had for me and told him it was wrong, would I? He didn't give me his number so I can't contact him but I do like him and corrected the the number so I don't know what else I can do really.

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    • " I don't know if guys just want to sleep with me or to actually get to know me. It's a man's world" --> Sorry, but the woman decides the terms of the relationship - whether it's just sex or something serious.
      "He asked for my number, I gave it. I think that shows that I am interested" --> Actually, NO! Many girls give out their number because they don't want to hurt the guy's feelings and turn a fun situation awkward. Girls who are not interested may give their number, then become unresponsive, hoping the guy get's the message.

    • No women do not dictate the terms of the relationship. I've always been the one wanting a relationship while the guy doesn't. I think your expectations are far too high of women. If a woman is not interested then she will just not respond when you make contact, but to say that because she doesn't ask for yours in return that shows a lack of interest is silly. That's how it's always been with me and I make it pretty clear I like the person (flirting, hanging out with them etc). You don't seem to realise that the way you judge situations is not the same as other men. Maybe you are lacking in confidence but it doesn't take much to send someone a text. If they don't reply then so be it, you know they aren't interested. To just not bother because they don't show what you think is enough interest is shooting yourself in the foot. If guys weren't happy to make first contact then they wouldn't ask for a girl's number in the first place! Many guys like to chase.

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  • If the object is intercourse, expect more frequent comm pressure that expects quick responses - else on to the enxt prospect
    If the object tends to be more friendship, then the comms depend on next event, work/life interruptions, etc.

  • No it doesn't matter cause guys don't want to call girls to soon cause they don't want to look despite and it all depends on how much he works and how busy he is in his personal life. So the longer you wait the better if you ask me but if it's been over a month then he probably not intrastead in you

    • No I didn't say it had been over a month - I said that's when I met him. He had the wrong number and texted me and then on Friday just gone I gave him the correct number. So it's been about 5 days.

    • Also, surely guys realise they can shoot themselves in the foot by waiting too long, right? The longer you leave it the less interested you seem and the girl will move on to someone who is more interested and forget about you. Stop playing games.

    • I wasn't saying that you said it's been over a month. I was stating that if I was a girl I would wait up until a month to hear from him and if you don't then I would move on

  • I waited one day to call her. I normaly woulf wait 3 days

  • If I like a girl, get her number then I'll get the ball rolling as soon as possible. I am impatient by nature and have no time for silly games, though in fairness to this guy he may have a much, much busier life than I do.


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