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I have been with a girl since 2 months and I usually make the call she didn't call me or even text me she is always receiving
So shall I ignore her or be patient more

Also I want to know is she interesting or not?


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  • I think she just thinks it's the guy's duty to show interest in the girl, and not reverse.

    • So what shall I do?

    • I think you should keep this up, and make sure she has your attention.
      Maybe later you could talk to her about this issue you have. (But remember: you can not be sure of anything by simply relying on the fact she's not calling you. Everyone wants to be in the role of the 'wanted prize', but on the other hand, maybe she's just the type not to call/text anyone.)

    • So why should I continue with girl doesn't call or text I think it's boring..

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  • I rarely ever call or text the guy first. Just because I don't want to annoy him, if it's really a big problem yeah talk to her but she's probably still interested

    • How did you know that she is still interesting to continue?

    • Ask her to hang out two or three times within 2 weeks. If she blows you off once, red flag but if she doesn't twice she probably isn't.

  • I would love the guy that I'm dating to text or call me more. You are very patient and sweet to do that. I would say if it doesn't change soon, talk to her.


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