Why isn't he going for the kiss?Any advice/tips on kissing/necking? What do guys like?

So, i'm 21 & he's 24. He's a little reserved & i'm shy. He's not a player, but he is pretty experienced. I have never even kissed a guy & he knows this. He's completely fine with the fact that i have no experience.

I met him at a friends party. We hardly spoke to each other, but there was definitely a connection.

The next day, he added me on Facebook & messaged me. Shortly into the conversation, he suggested that we should hang out sometime. I was hesitant because i didn't really know him.

So we talked for about a month before we actually hung out. Now we've been hanging out for about 2 months. We're not an official couple or anything, but nether of us are interested in anyone else. We've told each other that we like each other, so there's no confusion there. He actually told me that he likes me 'a lot more than he probably should' whatever that means?

So, we've really only hugged & cuddled. We fell asleep together a few times & he has kissed me on the forehead twice. He's always respectful of me. He has said that he's fine with what we have & really stresses the fact that he doesn't want to make me uncomfortable.

When he drove me home the other night, we hugged in the car, which is what we always do. But, it turned into a very prolonged hug & he started kissing my neck and moved to my face/cheeks. When we pulled apart i smiled at him; we were within kissing distance still. A few moments passed and i looked away... it just feels kind of awkward to be so close to his face just staring at him. It also makes me really nervous. The same thing happened last night.

I'm relieved & disappointed at the same time when he doesn't kiss me. Relieved because i'm kind of scared to kiss him... i mean, i don't know what i'm doing.. i'm just unsure of myself. At the same time it's like 'omg just do it already'.

Is my nervousness the reason he doesn't go for it? Am i just pathetic? lol
What is going on? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated =]


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  • He likes you, and he just didn't kiss you yet because he wants you to be confortable before doing so. If you really want to kiss him, you have two options here: tell him that you are ready to kiss him, or just kiss him right away when you think you are ready. Just don't rush it. And about advice on kissing, there isn't much to say. Kisses are like a dance; if you aren't sure of what to do, just follow his lead. But probably you won't need to worry about that, it pretty much comes naturally. When it is time, you will probably know what to do. Again, just don't rush it.


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  • So, good news, he really likes you. And relax, you're not pathetic. He just wants to make sure you're comfortable. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that sometimes it's ok to take another person out of their comfort zone, at least if it's wanted.

    =) I know you're shy, but all you have to say is, "I want you to kiss me."

    Remember, honest communication makes or breaks relationships.

  • He really likes and respect you. He must think you have some trauma and is not going to push for the kiss.
    Just quick peck him on the lips and he will get the message that you are ready kissing.


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  • Sounds like he wants to kiss you but it waiting for your ok to go for it. Next time your in that type of situation just give him a small kiss back and that should be all he needs. Good Luck!

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