Am I used as an ego-boost? My guy friend always tickle me a lot when we hang out.

He'll also

-Text me if he hasn't heard from me for 3 days, to check up on me.

-He'll ask me to eat and hang out at his place afterwards. Consistently hang out once a week.

-Knows my likes/dislikes. Sometimes knows what I am thinking.

-He smiles/laugh a lot. Looks at me a lot. But doesn't make any sexual advances. Been like this for 7 months or so.

-DOES NOT Introduce me to his friends.

-Still sometimes hangs out with his ex-gf. Is this a sign he is not over her? He said he declined to her request of going back out again.

I recently exited a long term relationship (8yrs), my only relationship. Does that scare him? Only likes me as a friend or ego boost?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He likes you. He's walking slowly which just might be a good thing for you if you're re-learning another man after being with someone for 8 years. Take your time, be sincere, care enough to listen and see what's going on in his head and you might find that he's just pacing himself for your sake.

    Good luck.


What Girls Said 1

  • It seems like he's interested but probably wants to take things slow with you especially if he knows that you recently ended an 8 year relationship. He probably doesn't want to be a rebound. Is this someone who you think you could date though? Because if so just continue to show interest in him, he should come around.