How do I kiss my boyfriend? help is needed very soon?

hey guys I really want to kiss my bf but this would be my first kiss
how do I kiss him?


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  • It comes naturally. You are going to over think it and panic about it. Just remain calm, don't think about it a lot. When it happens, it happens. You can't become a master kisser. The more you kiss the more you understand what people like. So you don't have to worry about it. Just wait for the time is right, and just go with the flow.


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  • This probably doesn't help, but it seems to just come naturally. There's no set in stone way to kiss someone... it just happens. I was pretty scared about my first kiss, too, because I didn't know how. But when it happened it was really easy and I didn't even really think about it.

    • thanks so much 4 ur comment