Letting my chance slip away? Please help girls?

Hey girls, I need your help! I thought I had a chance with a friend, but I think I'm losing it and don't know what to do.

Almost a month ago, I asked a friend if she'd be interested in going out with me sometime when I was back to school in fall. She said that she wouldn't say no, but wouldn't say yes bc of the summer apart. A few day later, she clarified she would say yes to a date if nothing changes over the summer, but it wasn't a guaranteed thing.

I was feeling pretty good about that, but it seems like she's been getting cold towards me since then. We were texting every day between the asking and clarification, but it seemed like she was saying she wanted some space so I stopped texting her as much after that. I started texting her once or twice a week when I had something to talk about, and our conversations were pretty short. We also both play a quiz game, so I'd challenge her to one every couple days and she'd always play it. Now like this last week, I feel like she wants nothing to do with me. She hasn't accepted my challenge even though I can see she's played other people. We exchanged a couple texts the other day and then she just stopped. Any thoughts on what is going on? Is it something I'm doing that's pushing her away? Has she decided she's not interested or found someone else? What do you think is going on? Thank you in advance for your help. I don't want to lose her before even getting a chance!


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  • I feel as though, she probably said that because either a) there is someone back home she is interested in pursuing or b) she wants to enjoy being home with friends and just not worry about relationships in general.

    Either way the best course of action is to give her space and let it work itself out when school starts back up.

    It very well May mean that there is someone at home, possibly a high school ex, that she thinks there's a chance of having a serious relationship with. Girls have a tendency to focus on one guy at a time. She may like you, and did not want to close off the possibility of having something with you, but needed to see where she stood with someone else first.
    If this is the case, as hard as it is to let go of a possible chance with her you need to understand there is nothing you can do. He is with her (location wise) at this time and you are not, of this is the case she has already made up her mind to pursue this first.

    The same principal applies if she simply wants to have a fun summer and not worry about relationships, trying to be too involved will only push her away.

    The very best thing you can do for yourself is commit yourself to enjoying your summer and hit her up when school starts back up and go from there, you may come back to find the chance has lapsed, but that would have happened anyway. I know it sucks, but commit yourself instead to having a great summer and the rest will figure itself out in time and there's no sense in torturing yourself until then, that will only make the letdown bigger, if there is to be one.

    • I think you're probably right. She is actually staying in our college city for the summer, as are some friends, including one guy friend who I know she at least used to be interested in the beginning of the spring semester, but nothing ever happened with (I never asked her out because we were roommates, he had no reason not to though). There is another guy too that she seemed interested in right before the start of summer, but was also leaving for the summer and I don't think anything ever happened there. She had made a point to say in her "clarification" that we were both having our own summers, which is what I took as a cue to back off, but I guess I should back off more and just ride it out.

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