Why can't I be the other type of girl?

The guys i talk to and date always say im a cool girl, i mean what is a cool girl?

I guess i would like to hear that im more special than just cool..


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  • That's actually a high complement.

    Tons of girls your age are physically attractive.

    Not many are actually considered 'cool' by guys.

    • im very girly and feminine..

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    • I dont know i just dont understand why i can't be more, im very femine and i see myself as girlfriend material , but than all i get is cool girl but i want more like i dont know "beautiful" etc

    • Well... the other possibility is that sometimes 'cool girl' is code for 'doesn't have hangups about hooking up without being in a relationship' If that's the case, then well if you want relationships, you have to be clear about it, which guys who want to hookup will flee from, and guys who want a girlfriend will like.

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  • Yeah, don't want to referenced as "cool" all the time. Are you girly or one of the guys?

    • i am very girly

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    • 23-28

    • That is kind of strange... Every girl wants to be called cool, but along with beautiful and other such compliments. Maybe they are too nervous to say anything else. Kind of like when guys may ask you to hang out instead of go on a date even though both include dinner and a movie. Hopefully guys can answer this one.

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