What keeps a couple together? How do they stay interested and loving?

What is it that makes a couple stick together for a long time? How do they stay bonded? Are both people usually equally invested? I've never had a relationship last more than a few years and I honestly don't understand how it happens.


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  • This will sound pretty simplistic, but I think the truth is that they just choose to continue loving each other. They know that there will be difficulties and times of dryness and maybe even boredom, but those times will pass.

    They don't focus excessively, as many people seem to these days, on HOW to make a relationship last, but rather they simply focus on the other person. They know that they are becoming more intimately involved in the life of someone else and know that there will be changes and sacrifices that each will have to make.

    I wrote a really good article (at least I thought it was) on this very subject a few months ago, but GAG changed the site layout before it could get featured. When, and hopefully IF they restore the article feature, I will re-post it.

    • I can't imagine inspiring someone to do that, haha. Thank you-hope your article becomes available.

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  • Different things work for different people. Unfortunately I don't think there is a definate answer to that.

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