Is he interested or is he just being nice to me?

So I met the guy when I got my puppy, he is a dog trainer. He was nice and cute but I later found out another girl in the group was dating him (I think at least, she mentioned making dinner for them and such.) Its fine though and I see them once a week for lessons.

Well he had to travel for two months so lessons were put on hold. I haven't spoken to him since the lessons, but then, a few weeks into his vacation, he msgs me that my dog is absolutely adorable in the pic I had posted. It was the first informal message we had. I agreed then told him about a problem my dog was having, he said we will work on it when he returns. I msged him two day later after I saw his dog at the park (someone was pet sitting for him.) He responded, all good. He also offered I message him with any questions while he was away (I didn't.)

Well he returned and he messaged me to tell me that classes will resume once more soon. I then saw him at a doggy daycare. We caught up, chatted a while and I noticed he gave me a once over. We talked about my dog's problems again but since I had to leave for a month long vacation we agreed to work on it when I return.

Well he msged to tell me that classes resumed and asked if I had returned. Unfortunately I haven't. He started to message back a bit more and I was tipsy then so we really started to talk and flirt a bit. We msged back and forth for a good 3 hours when he disappears mid convo!

Well he doesn't text me back for nearly two weeks. When he did (yesterday) he was asking how my vacation was and we joked around a bit but since my phone reception was choppy I couldn't respond to him in a timely manner so I accidentally left him hanging for 4 hours. He hasn't responded back to my last message yet. :/

So what do you guys think? Is he friendly or interested? I don't know if he is dating that girl or if they are together admittedly.


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  • I don't think he's truly interested, he's a player. Sorry, probably doing this same thing to several women. Just a hunch.

    • Nah its cool, don't apologize! I am not looking for a long term relationship with this guy either (would never work.) He messaged me yesterday and today as well. Today we txted back and forth for nearly 3 hours before he left me hanging again (around the same time as last time, maybe he goes to bed then?) Nothing really flirty, just chatting and getting to know one another. He would continue the convo even if I answered a 'dead' answer (as in giving a simple 'ok' or 'yup' without helping to maintain the convo.) Though he did tease me a bit.

    • Just wanted to add that he initiated all convos (except for when I saw his dog at the park.) Including picking it up after he left me hanging (when I posted this.) He quick to respond when I do text him back as well (within a few minutes.)

    • Well then, never say never, and don't assume anything, especially negative. It's pretty early to tell his mindset. I know one thing most guys won't leave a girl hanging or ignore a text if they are solidly going after them, but like I said it may be a case where the boat is too far from the shore yet. Just hang in there, who really knows what could happen. Have you hinted around about if he's with anyone? I don't think most guys would spend anytime texting someone that they had absolutely no interest in.

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