I had to contact her first, what to do?

I had to contact her days after i suggested a 3rd date and she agreed. But after initially asking her out over the phone i later found out she had to find her work schedule out and waited two day to see if shed let me kno but didn't after the two days. If i hadn't would she have told me or was it just not as important to her? and by the way she's 18 and im 20 .


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  • She's probably just playing hard to get. I know that's sorta childish but that's what I would do. It is kinda weird that it's been so long but she might have had a lot of stuff to do and not enough time. Hope this helps.

    • but if it happens a lot is it bad? like to much chasing or should i make her chase me to?

    • Idk. How often does it happen? She may not be interested if it's frequently. I would just let her come to you.

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